Rubber screw

2013-04-13 58 images Barefoot
Rubber screw 0
Rubber screw 1
Rubber screw 2

So we bring a little time now to paint your colorful winter wonderland, Esca has in recent days with me messing around with my candy beautiful colorful gumdrops snails that you play around gorgeous, rather with their
Feet. It's just cool how your toes with the unrolled snails play or how the snails are hot on their feet.

barefoot in brown swedenclogs

2013-04-06 Linda 49 images Barefoot
barefoot in brown swedenclogs 0
barefoot in brown swedenclogs 1
barefoot in brown swedenclogs 2

Linda you already know more, it is one of our regular model, and a little blond Swedens who is always just go barefoot in wooden clogs and wooden clogs. Last fall I had with her did a great walk with her, while she was wearing her brown sweden, barefoot for blue jeans. Between when a small break showed me Linda that you not only overall a really sweet is it also has a very pretty little feet and pulled her clogs in front of me and not just for me and you to show her little feet, but also a entspannungs foot massage get because even though this was quite cool autumn day, she had not been cold little feet are warmed had, but it was just a bit of relaxation her for a long day, this is necessary, however, left to your imagination, because I could not shoot at the same time and massage.

easter special

2013-03-30 Linda 59 images Barefoot
easter special 0
easter special 1
easter special 2

Well folks, the Easter bunny was already with you, or your still waiting on him? If it is still waiting, then the wait is over, because he was already with us and has created something with our Swedens Linda. The rabbit was old and the eggs were bad not to say not all the way to Linda's taste. And what happens to so nem stuff you see so now own eggs and clogs something can not go so well this is well known, egg salad. But that's a nice thing, because finally comes after the long and cold winter some color to life what the Spring fever awakens in us. In any case, the white clogs fit great with the Colorful Eggs and the tender green of the trees and bushes. In addition to the Easter series, we have also produced a couple of other nice things that are completely in the wood on the trends for 2010 and you can be really excited. In this sense, we wish everyone Happy Easter and a fun egg hunt!

foot worship with Cardii

2013-03-23 Cardii and Sara 9:05 minutes
foot worship with Cardii 1
foot worship with Cardii 2

Today we present you our new girl Sara what Cardii with a tasty foot worship enjoys. But it looks to you to yourself.

barefoot in the city part 2

2013-03-16 Milkyway 44 images Barefoot
barefoot in the city part 2 0
barefoot in the city part 2 1
barefoot in the city part 2 2

You know from the very first Milkyway barefoot dirty soles set, this time she is wearing a little tighter, what did it matter that the photos were taken spontaneously go after a long night of partying. Hmm, how is it so was all a little wild and you have somehow lost their heels at night and no longer found, so what's been the end of it, she had to go home barefoot, but made ​​clear what their fun, because they barefoot running very happy. As you can see the soles are really dirty but great.

Tender crushing

2013-03-09 Jill Diamond 49 images Barefoot
Tender crushing 0
Tender crushing 1
Tender crushing 2

Love me Tender, or as it is already the King (Elvis) said. However, the tender love in this series are rather the pretty little feet of our lovely Jill, the model schonam the longest in this project it is and with which we have been shooting a lot of great series, I want to thank you Jill love at this place again! But now back to this nice series which was created at the Jill home. I was with Jill to shoot with it and of course I still needed a few things to Jill to keep them happy and was still a little shopping. However, I'm with the tenders probably been something wrong. because instead they were gefuttert of you, it has the poor things, after they had tasted of them, with their shoes and their tender little feet stockinged flattened. being somehow that was sexy as hell, the chocolate mass is mixed with the stockings. But you looking at yourself first in peace, perhaps would indeed who, after he has taken appetite.

Crushing with Heels

2013-03-02 Poupette 28 images Barefoot
Crushing with Heels 0
Crushing with Heels 1
Crushing with Heels 2

This shoot with Pupett was also my first with Alex, then amateur photographer still a junior, a stiff semi-pro, I had no desire photographed the one just bare feet I had told the Pupetti even pack a few fetish heels, and I Procure us what for crushing. So I Pupett and Alex and eingpackt ne fresh muskmelon and a few bananas and us be a nice quiet location to crush picked out. So the cameras were unpacked, put on heels and melon maltreated but see for yourself how the melon suffers first and the second part of the bananas must believe it.

jill and the orange

2013-02-23 Jill Diamond 51 images Barefoot
jill and the orange 0
jill and the orange 1
jill and the orange 2

So after it's our Jill lately become a little quieter there is again a new series, but we can offer you any Christmas series, since the planned shooting had to be canceled on weather conditions. Our model will not come on the way to shoot back or hurt. But even so, I think you'll have a lot of fun because you love so our total Jilli and the series is absolutely awesome. A summery color in the white of the cold winter. Just have yourself how wonderful the blazing oranges under Jill's foot soles explode as the sweet juice on gorgeous feet runterinnt how to play their toes with the oranges.

clogs in the winter

2013-02-16 Linda 41 images Barefoot
clogs in the winter 0
clogs in the winter 1
clogs in the winter 2

Linda's our Clogsgirl, somehow there is only what went wrong, so it knows the current weather, freezing cold, snow and slides. Well in any case, one of our visitors and fans of Linda, her a pair of clogs. How it came about Linda and I were traveling together yesterday and wanted matrimonial shopping but on the way into the city, we were surpised by the snow. From their home to the shopping center where it is also nice toasty warm, they would have used in my car no closed clogs. So it has attracted send open clogs with a pair of white cuffs, and we are escaped. Along the way it went in between unfortunately no longer so we have parked the car and continue on foot and passed precious little skate park, where we passed a small series for you to photograph, so you have also what about the excursion .

Banana crushing with Poupette

2013-02-09 Poupette 52 images Foot Fetish
Banana crushing with Poupette 0
Banana crushing with Poupette 1
Banana crushing with Poupette 2

This is now the second part of Alex, Pupett and me, wonderful fresh bananas that taste the Pupetti apparently did not, and therefore end up with your, mind you very pretty feet and caught up in your part netzbestrumpften toes. Wonderful as the Bananenpampe between your toes by swells and mixes with the dirt of the ground. Wants to lap up someone?